Kanna and Dain, the main characters from The World of Ishota.

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In a fantastic and magical world, one girl and a demon must discover the secrets of an entire nation and find a way

to stop it. The World of Ishota is an intricate story filled with adventure, danger, true love, fanciful creatures and much more. Follow Kanna Kashel and the demon Dain on their magnificent journey.

General Information

The World of Ishota is an internet comic strip and a novel in the making. Written by Jennifer N. Thornton, this book and comic houses a variety of creatures, powers, cultures and ideas.

Ishota is a world similar to Earth, ruled by a playful goddess named Tolla.

There are four contries: Zara, Rahad , Sierra Gesh , and Caia . They are countries soon to be at war.

There are two main races on Ishota. Demons were created to have characteristics of both Tolla and the animals she had already created. They are equipped with magical abilities and animalistic traits. Humans were created to balance the world out. They are beings without magic or fangs, and Tolla made them out of nothing but a piece of her heart. Read the Story of Creation, the article on Rusanigas Demons and the Legend of Lha a Som Sev.

A common ability on Ishota is skinwalking. Both demons and humans can utilize this ability, since the magic required exists in the animal skins themselves.

Some people have gotten the idea to combine animal pelts for a more fantastic and able creature. Unfortunately, when this happens, the change is made permanent and they are transformed into chimeras.

List of characters (thus far):

Kanna Kashel Dain Rusanigas Eli Abrantes Seerah Aiken Azaki
Capt. Joz Cutty May Rusanigas Uncle Markus "Blink" Farrah Azaki
Lore Rusanigas Anamaya Kashel Selomund Akane Jae Kashel Suri Kashel
Jeronn Kashel Sorrel Rusanigas Reed Rusanigas Kal'ritha Sienna Rusanigas
Jade Rusanigas Flint Shurah The Emira Kya'rammen Sage Rusanigas King Arceas